Here at fishhunterchronicles.com, we will provide you with a wealth of information about the great and growing sport of fly fishing. We will also be doing some gear reviews on the latest and greatest fly fishing gear.

Mckenzie river Oregon fly fishing trip

Fly Fishing for Trout

Perhaps there is no greater sport on earth than fly fishing for trout. Fly fishing will take you to some of the most beautiful places on the globe and allow you to see things that city dwellers could never even imagine. Someone once said that trout don’t live in ugly places, and a truer statement has never been said.

The Best Ways to Learn How to Fly Fish

Probably the most foolproof way to begin fly fishing is to take a class. Orvis has a fly fishing school you can check out. Getting one on one instruction is a surefire fast track to becoming a good fly fisherman. However throughout Youtube and the rest of the internet there are a ton of great ways to get started.Youtube videos are a great way to get a lot of good instruction for free.

I have a friend who recently learned a lot about how to fly fish here and he picked up some good pointers. It has most of what you need to know to get started. There are a lot of similar websites out there that can teach you a ton of great info. You might also consider joining some trout fishing forums, that way you will have people to ask your questions. Most internet fishing forums are pretty friendly toward new fly anglers, but be careful on the Drake forums, that is not a newbie friendly forum! Personally I stay away from it.

Another tactic to becoming a great fly fisherman quickly is to hire a fishing guide. Most guides will be happy to teach you the basics. If you hire a guide on the river that you plan to fish the most often that would probably be the most beneficial. That way you can deploy the guides tactics and get right into hooking fish. Just be sure you pay close attention to the flies that the guide chooses. You should also make sure to ask a lot of questions, you might as well make the most of your time spent with the guide to learn as much as possible.