Brown Trout Fly Fishing

Brown trout caught on a streamerThe brown trout is the most wily of all trout species. Few fly fishing anglers go out fishing and don’t dream about hooking large browns. Brown trout were brought to the US on a boat in the 1800’s and were planted in Michigan rivers soon after. Since then, they have spread like wildfire throughout the US and have become the most sought after trout in the US.

What Makes the Brown Trout Special?

Brown trout are aggressive feeders. They will eat big flies and a large portion of their diet includes eating other fish. Very few trout are as selective as the big brown trout, so catching them on flies is all that much more a rewarding experience.

Night Fishing for Browns

Unlike many types of trout, if you really want to catch the biggest browns, you will need to go fishing after dark. These giant trout that nobody ever catches can be caught under the cover of darkness. Catching a trophy brown during the day on a small fly pattern does happen, but your chances of hooking up with a true trophy fish are increased about 10X once the sun goes down. Night fishing for trout is not for everyone though, you won’t want to bring your kids out there—and you won’t want to bring any of your squeamish friends. It takes a certain type of angler to be motivated into seeking the big browns at night, and when they do, the rewards can be great. When all of the elements align, night fishing for browns can be one of the most exciting things to do.

Streamer Fishing For Brown Trout

If you are not into night fishing, but you still want to target trophy browns with your fly rod; streamers might be for you. Big ugly streamers simulate baitfish and other small trout and are one of few ways that will allow you to consistently pull big fish out of your favorite rivers during daylight.

Matching the Hatch

Another way to hook big trout is by matching what insects you find on the river. Most large trout will not fall victim to just any fly. You will need to match the hatching insects to fool the big trout. These fish will often key in on a certain type of insect and once that happens, that is what they want.

You will usually be able to turn over a few rocks or logs and see what nymphs are present under them, if you are nymph fishing, you should try to replicate these flies.